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Coating Services - Epu Coat

Environmentally Friendly Coating Service. Suitable for all materials, from plastic to metal. Through the coating process, the environment remains as intended. Epu Coat® products and the method are patented. By using Epu coatings, you contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and your carbon footprint is reduced!

The Epu Coat method

In the Epu Coat® method, a new surface is not added on top of the original surface; instead, the original surface is opened up, and a specific amount of Epu coating is applied to it. This ensures the best adhesion, making the coating exceptionally durable.

Objects coated with the Epu Coat® method can often be cleaned using just water, and environmentally harmful chemicals are no longer needed. An object treated with Epu Coat® does not fade in the sunlight and remains nearly new throughout its entire lifecycle.

The treated surface also repels water and ice. The coating makes it easier to keep graffiti, stickers, and other markings clean. Epu Coat® is scientifically proven to be the best weather protection in the world. In 'Resistance to Climate Shock' (EN 482-2) tests, the Epu Outdoor® method was the only coating method to receive full points among nearly 30 tested methods.

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Interior coating services

Objects coated with the Epu Indoor™ method can be cleaned using just water, eliminating the need for environmentally harmful chemicals. Epu Indoor™ surfaces repel dirt and grease, ensuring easy daily maintenance, especially in large-scale kitchens and restaurants.

Interior spaces of buildings, restrooms, swimming pools, elevators, public transportation.

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By choosing the Epu Outdoor™ coating method for your manufactured products, you get the best surface available on the market, ensuring that your products retain their shine throughout their entire lifecycle. The best UV protection on the market.

Supporting walls, foundations, facades, playgrounds, artworks, trash cans.

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With the Epu IndustryTM method, you get protective coatings for objects that must withstand heavy chemical or mechanical stress. The coating also improves corrosion resistance and withstands high temperatures. Our customers in the industrial sector include e.g. paper and pulp mills, power plants, water treatment plants, chemical industry plants and sawmills

Protective coatings for liquid and mass pools and tanks, waterproofing of concrete structures, protection of concrete and metal structures from chemicals, corrosion protection

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